E-Commerce Websites Design

Having a website online e-commerce catalog is like having your business open to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and best of all: no employees attended!

A website with online catalog and the ability to make purchases over the Internet leads to boost sales of a company , so a e-commerce site should be considered a fundamental business tool which is a sales channel itself .

SaintDisegno has the knowledge and experience needed to web sites catalog of products and services tailored to your business. Consult us!

How E-Commerce works.

In a typical buying process on the one hand we have buyers wanting a certain good or service then we have the vendors, those who are interested in offering their products. We also have the location where the transaction, the money or means of payment and finally the product or service to market is done .

In the e- commerce we can also distinguish certain actors or elements in addition to the above:

- A product or service , which may be virtual or real.
- The physical location is now replaced by an open 24hs website .
- Buyers are boaters Virtual Store .
- Vendors that operate through the eShop.
- A bank account to make effective the transactions usually through credit card validation .
- A system for the distribution of products .
- A system of customer service via mail , Internet , chat, etc.

Sequence of a transaction

In summary form these are the steps of a typical online transaction.

- The customer browses the website of the company.
- Select an item and complete the order form .
- The website processes the payment confirming the existence of funds and debiting the payment card in it.
- Sending the ordered product is conducted .
- The customer receives the product and the operation is completed .

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