Mobile Websites Design

Millions of people worldwide use their 3G mobile phone to access the Internet, a nomber that significantly increases each year. The amazing thing is that most existing Websites are not intended or designed for mobile. Is yours?

The mobile websites are developed in vertical format to increase the high level of usability and convenience for users, are much simpler and lighter than websites designed for monitors.

In this sense, it is best that your website possesses two formats, one for normal users accessing from a PC and a mobile version , which will detect whether the user is accessing from a mobile phone , and in this case , display version of the web on mobile .

Designing a website with specific version for mobile and / or tablet is a new marketing strategy that benefits businesses , attracting additional traffic from mobile users.

Another option is the design of Adaptive Web Sites ( Responsive Web Design) . Instead of creating a separate website for a specific screen size , an adaptive web design provides a unique web that adapts interactively adjusting your layers to accommodate any screen size. This allows the process of updating and maintaining the site more efficient and results in a more attractive experience for your visitors.

The "negative" aspect of this option is that the website will be more limited in both graphical and functionality when navigating on a desktop computer .

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