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A weblog or blog is an online publication or published with events very often and are displayed in chronological order news: the last thing you posted is the first thing that appears on the screen.

It is very common to have a list of links to other weblogs and usually have a comment system that allow readers to establish a conversation with the author and each other about what was published .

It is typical of weblogs make heavy use of links to other blogs and pages for more info, or cite sources noting that continues with a theme that began another weblog.

A corporate blog is ideal for a small business or a professional who is just beginning , as it is relatively cheaper than a website and yet is more institutional than using social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

SaintDisegno is an expert in design and architecture blogs.

What makes blogging one of the most interesting phenomena of the web?

Community: About a community of blog readers is formed. So , if you 're on a blog about cinema, is easy to recognize among its readers older fans cinema network engaged in a thousand and one debates.

Simplicity: Create and edit a basic blog is as simple as accessing email . The urge to tell stories, review and talk were there , weblogs have emerged as affordable tool they needed all these voices. Making a good blog the mechanisms underlying gender and is a matter of knowledge and understanding talent .

Dissemination: The rise of blogging is unprecedented . It is estimated that the total number of blogs is doubling every five months. 8 out of 10 journalists read blogs , which also helps explain his enormous indirect influence .

Aesthetics: Initially, blogs were very functional but unsightly . Over time it has been possible to optimize this shortcoming achieving very pleasing to the eye templates giving the option for the user to personalize it with different colors, images and fonts.

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